Whats the cost of a home gym?

It is not everybody who enjoys breaking a sweat in the public gyms. Some people crave for some privacy and often wonder how much it would cost to have a gym built in their premises. Working out in the gym with other individuals can be exciting, empowering and animated but once the session is over an individual might be left wondering if the next step in their fitness journey should be getting a personal weights gym at home. In addition to the home gym being private it also has other major benefits like eliminating time taken to travel to the gym, elimination of being stuck in traffic and discomfort at sharing the sanitary facilities such as bathrooms with other gym members.You can have the best recumbent bikes or treadmills at home and never have to leave your house for fitness – there is so much value in that!

Other things that might discourage one from using the public gyms are the use of music that does not suit your preference during the workout sessions or there are some items that are prohibited inside the gym and you need them direly in order for your workout to be effective.

Benefits of a home gym

The main reason why a large population of individuals have not enrolled in any gym is because most of them are very expensive. Gym membership costs in addition to the fees charged on initiating new members are not easy in the pocket; they typically cost several hundreds of dollars. Building a private gym at your home will help you save those hundreds of dollars that you could have spent in the public gym. Having your own personal gym spares you the agony of analysing the gym commercials that are gimmicky and rarely allow you to seriously work out without limit.

The cost of building a home gym

To start off you can built a small sized gym with essential tools such as weights, barbell, floor mats, a squat rack and benches. Setting up these essential and basic apparatus for you home gym will cost you about one thousand five hundred dollars. With these basic essentials you can comfortably exercise at the comfort of your home for a long period of time. When you put into consideration the amount of money that you would have spent in a gym for that duration of time the cost is very cheap. The amazing thing about having your personal gym is that you can use whichever tools you want at any time and as frequent as you desire. There is no limited time duration for when you can work out. What could be more exciting than having everything that you require at the comfort of your home?

Does cardio stop muscle gains?

There are not many controversial relations in sport as that of the cardio and muscle growth. Those who do not like aerobic training on a treadmill will often quote the statements that running hinders progress and muscle growth. However, recent studies show that those who exercise by combining strength training and endurance training have greater chances to shape their muscular system better.  Cardio exercises are essential for any effective training program because they stimulate fat burning but are also good for the overall health of the body. Also, if you have not exercised for a long time, and you have no strength for other types of trainings, you can always adapt your cardio training to your abilities. The pace of body progress depends on the type of training.

The most common cardio exercises are walking, running, cycling, swimming, walking up the stairs, jumping with rope etc.

What is the mechanism behind cardio?

Suppose you eat more calories to increase muscle growth and do some endurance training. In that case, you will have the problem of getting bigger muscles with a program that combines strength and durability. The aerobics can actually make you a better sportist.

Does cardio stop muscle gain?

Cardio exercises accelerate metabolism, strengthen the heart and lungs and reduce the heart rate in the idle state. Cardio exercises also increase blood flow to the brain, which improves concentration. Cardio improves insulin sensitivity and contributes to reducing stress and strengthening the immune system. Powerful cardio training and fast recovery are simply the best combination for advancement in sports, according to the experts. In conclusion, proper cardio training does not stop muscle gain. It leads to muscle definition.

When the goal is removing fatty deposits, doing cardio must be a regular commitment. 4-5 times a week is the best frequency. Do different training intensities: lower, middle, and high intensity cardio.

Cardio is not just a type of training, it’s also a way of life. Be active, feel good and look even better. These are goals of cardio training. Don’t forget that there are so many variants of this type of training. Therefore, there is really no need to persistently do just one type of training that may become boring for you. Combine running, jogging, fast walking, bicycle and stepper or even rowing, if possible.

Only within a few weeks, you will see the first significant differences in your appearance. At 8 weeks of your cardio training plan you should see drastic changes!

What is the best punching bag for fitness?

Punching bags can be used in a variety of sports such as karate, boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing and taekwondo. All these sports are an ideal way to increase your heart rate while blowing off some steam. Punching bags can be used as a workout in these exercises and they are quite effective and exceptional. The main purpose of having the punching bags is to assist an individual in practicing their kicking and striking techniques. The punching bag also provides additional skills such as hook punches, shovel hooks, jabs, knee strikes, uppercuts, elbow strikes and cross punches. The amazing thing about punch bags is that they do not necessarily have to be used in the gym; you can use it alone in the comfort of your home.

Factors to consider when selecting a punching bag

When selecting a punching bag consider aspects such as the level you are in, the weight of the punching bag, the durability and the price. The advanced level individuals will require a different punching bag with the beginners. Your budget range should determine the punching bag you select. Beginners will require a relatively light punching bag while advanced individuals will require a much heavier one.

 Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy Bag

This is an ideal selection when it comes to selecting the best punching bag for fitness. This punching bag provides you with everything that you will require making your work out at home as efficient and effective as possible. The bag is made up of synthetic as well as natural materials. There are sifted bags that are added to the natural and synthetic materials to provide one with the workhorse weighing seventy pounds. The punching bag comes accompanied by a pair of 108-wrist wraps that are meant to keep your hands safe, a bungee cord and boxing gloves. The purpose of the bungee cord is to add extra resistance when need be. When hanging it an individual can choose the position they want it placed to match their preference or their work out needs.

Last Punch Heavy Duty Pro Punching Bag

This punching bag is a perfect match for pros that want a good quality punching bag at an affordable price. The cost of the punching bag is easy on the pocket. It is personalized since the owner has the liberty of filling it up with what they want ranging from old clothes to towels and plastic bags. The material used in making it is highly durable same case with the seventeen inch chains for suspending it.