Top 3 exercises for growing arms

The one thing that screams that guy is fit is a pair of jacked and strong biceps. In order to achieve such busters on your sleeve an individual will require having a set of arm routine to assist you in getting that muscle pump. The weights have to be kept moderate and the reps high in order for those biceps to bulge. Try using a reloading press.

Sometimes training with weighted clothing can really also give you that extra push.

Picking up weights that extremely heavy when doing your bicep exercises will result in the forearms taking over the extra load. When the weights are being gripped very hard the forearms and flexors contract more. The three main workouts that are ideal for growing arms are the single-arm incline bench preacher curl, the three set of ten to twelve reps with rest breaks of fifteen to twenty seconds in between the sets or the four sets of ten to twelve reps with rest breaks of fifteen to twenty seconds in between and the standing resistance band curls. There are many reps that can be alternatively performed during the 3 or 4 set of reps.

The single-arm incline preacher curl

The bench should be set at an inclining angle of forty five degrees. Hold the dumbbell then stretch your arm straight against the back of the bench in such a way that the palm faces upwards while standing.  With the upper arm still in place the dumbbell should be curled towards the shoulder. At the top squeeze the bicep then put down the weight using the control. All these reps should be repeated on one side prior to switching to the next.

Standing resistance band curls

in a standing position place both feet or one foot on the middle part of the resistance band. Using both hands grip either side of the band then with the palm facing upward curl the hands towards the shoulders. At the top squeeze the biceps then lower the hands down while still keeping the tension on the band constant. While doing these movements make sure that your elbows are glued to the sides.

Incline dumbbell curls

With the back against the bench seat at an inclined angle of forty five degrees. Using both hands grip a dumbbell in each hand then let them hand facing the floor. With the elbows stuck tightly on the sides both weights should be curled up towards the shoulders. The bicep top should be squeezed them the weights lowered in a controlled manner.