Top 3 gym exercises for building muscle

Muscle building is not an easy task and often people wander the exercises that they can specifically do often in order to build muscles. There are many exercises to choose from and all of them are equally effective in the process of muscle building – even running on a home treadmill can help. The main challenge should not be identifying the exercises but rather identifying the exercise that will be most ideal for your body. Prior to making a decision on the exercises to undertake make sure that you are thoroughly informed about the various exercises you can perform to achieve your desired muscles.

3-Day Full Body Routine

This is a routine that needs to be performed three times in a week. The workouts are different and each set of workout is followed by a resting day and the consecutive day the next work out plan. Most individuals will take the weekend off so after the third work out there are two rest days before the cycle continues. The routine is ideal for beginners since the entire body is involved in the exercises. The work out is beneficial to beginners since it gives them an opportunity to become acquainted the exercises since they are repeated severally on weekly basis. Beginners do not have similar strength to the advanced individuals and therefore repeating the exercises helps in triggering the muscles constantly which helps in making the tasks easier and reducing the amount of rest duration required for the muscles to heal as well as repair before the next session.

Training less is beneficial to a beginner as opposed to training more. It is therefore important to enjoy it since it is only a benefit of being a beginner. The three days provides training ground for your body to develop and eventually the frequency can be increased as desired.

4-Day Split

This should be performed after the three day routine. It is an ideal workout for intermediate trainers. The training varies from floating around to upper and lower body training which is alternated with a rest day. During the weekend two days can be taken off to ensure you are still on track the next week. At end of about three to six months of training the muscle gains will be visible and you can move to more challenging exercises like split.

5-Day Split

This is a highly advanced exercise routine that almost anyone can perform. The five days of exercise routine is ideal especially for natural trainers instead of the daily or twice a day training. The exercise should focus on one or two muscles to work on per session.